Sustainable Development Goals(SDG's) are the international commitments that we have to fulfill.Goverment of Nepal's all Plan's, policies and endeavors are concentrated on these goals.We have Completed 5 years of implementation and 10 years are now in hand to acheive them.We prepared SDG's Status and Roadmap:2016-2030 which articulated 479 SDG's indicators for national level.These baseline indicators provides the basis for monitoring and evaluation of the SDG's implementation,Localization of SDG's is a current major challenges in the implementation of the SDG's. Since, most of the activities related to the SDG's are under sub national level jurisdiction, smooth implementation of the SDG's in local level is vital for the fulfillment of the SDG's by 2030.In this context, Iam much Hopeful that baseline report prepared by bagamati Province will help to fulfill the gap by localizing the SDG's and aligning the national and provincial level goals in the local context.